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Mobile Marine Mechanic in orange county, ca

While maintaining our rental fleet we learned a lot in the past years. We always made sure all our boats are safe, always maintained for customers and we would like to extend a helpful arm to you. We have experience in boat repairs and boat maintenance with a focus on inboard/ outboard Mercurusier motors, Mercury outboards, and Yamaha outboards.

Engine Repairs

Engine diagnostic scanning, water pumps, belts, sensors, starters, alternators, steering cables, throttle cables, ect.

Engine Diagnostic Scan

  • MerCruiser, Crusader, Pleasurecraft Marine, Volvo Penta

Oil Changes

  • Engine and sterndrives

Electrical Repair and Plumbing

  • Duffy electric boat repairs and general boat repairs including sound systems, and plumping systems/ pumps.

Haul Outs

  • Duffy transportation and any boat up tp 35'. Bottom paints up to 30' boats.

Boat Detailing 

  • Any boat 

Our Services and


Labor rate: $125/hr

A mobile marine mechanic provides on-site repair and maintenance services for boats, typically traveling to the client's location instead of requiring the boat to be transported to a physical repair shop. Here's a general description of what you can expect from a mobile marine mechanic:


Convenience: One of the key advantages of a mobile marine mechanic is the convenience they offer. Instead of having to transport your boat to a repair shop, the mechanic will come to you, whether you're at home, a marina, or any other location where your boat is accessible.


Comprehensive Services: Mobile marine mechanics are skilled professionals who can handle a wide range of services, including general repairs, engine maintenance, electrical system troubleshooting, fuel system repairs, hull repairs, and more. They often carry specialized tools and equipment required for these repairs, enabling them to tackle various issues on the spot.


Expertise and Experience: Mobile marine mechanics are trained and experienced in working with different types of boats and engines. They possess the knowledge and skills to diagnose problems accurately and efficiently, ensuring that the necessary repairs are performed correctly.


Emergency Repairs: Mobile marine mechanics understand that boat breakdowns can occur at inconvenient times, and they are often available for emergency repair services. Whether you're stranded on the water or experiencing a critical issue with your boat, a mobile marine mechanic can quickly respond to your location, helping to get you back on the water as soon as possible.


Maintenance and Tune-Ups: In addition to repairs, mobile marine mechanics can also provide regular maintenance services and tune-ups for your boat. This includes tasks such as oil changes, filter replacements, spark plug inspections, and other preventative measures to keep your boat running smoothly and minimize the risk of unexpected issues.


Expert Advice: Mobile marine mechanics can often provide valuable advice and recommendations regarding the care and maintenance of your boat. They can guide you on best practices, suggest upgrades or improvements, and offer tips for optimizing the performance and longevity of your boat.


Remember, specific mobile marine mechanics may have certain areas of specialization or work within specific regions. It's always a good idea to research and choose a reputable and certified mobile marine mechanic in your area, ensuring they have the necessary expertise and insurance to handle your boat's specific needs.

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