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Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade Rentals

2023 Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

Be a part of the 100 year old Newport Beach Christmas Parade and come witness the best Christmas Show on the water. With multi-million dollar yachts and houses decorated with spectacular lights, its a memory you don't want to miss. You can make it safe and private by hiring a captain or you can be your own captain. Cruise in luxury with our top of the line boats which have full bathrooms and sinks inside.

Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

When is the show?

The 2023 Boat Parade dates are from Wednesday, December 13,  – Sunday, December 17. The parade starts around 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm each night. 

If you can’t make the parade, you can still see most of the decorated parade ships and all the estates and landscapes throughout December.

What’s Included?

3 hour luxury captained boat ride with endless entertainment.

The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade is a beloved annual event that brings the holiday spirit to the picturesque coastal city of Newport Beach, California. Here is a description of this festive and dazzling parade:


Parade Route: The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade takes place in the Newport Harbor, where boats of all shapes and sizes are decorated with colorful lights, ornaments, and holiday-themed displays. The parade route typically stretches around the harbor, offering spectators various vantage points to view the procession.


Participating Boats: The parade features a wide array of boats, including yachts, sailboats, electric boats, and even kayaks, all decked out in elaborate holiday decorations. Participating boat owners put their creativity on display, transforming their vessels into floating works of art adorned with twinkling lights, festive decorations, and sometimes even synchronized music.


Festive Themes: Each boat in the parade embraces a unique theme, which adds to the excitement and charm of the event. Some boats may showcase traditional holiday designs with Santa Claus and reindeer, while others may incorporate playful themes like winter wonderlands, tropical escapes, or even popular characters from movies or cartoons.


Spectator Experience: Viewing the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade is a delight for spectators of all ages. People line the shores of the harbor, gather on docks, or even book dinner cruises to get a front-row seat to the illuminated procession. It's a joyous atmosphere filled with laughter, holiday music, and the sound of cheering as the decorated boats pass by.


Prizes and Awards: To encourage creativity and participation, prizes and awards are often given to the best-decorated boats in various categories. This adds an extra level of excitement as participants go all out to showcase their artistic talents and capture the attention of the audience.


Fireworks Finale: The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade traditionally concludes with a spectacular fireworks display, lighting up the night sky above the harbor and providing a grand finale to the festive event. It's a magical sight that adds to the joy and wonder of the holiday season.


The Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade is a magical event that captures the spirit of the holiday season. With beautifully decorated boats, festive themes, lively spectators, and a stunning fireworks finale, it's an enchanting experience for both participants and onlookers. Whether you choose to watch from the shore, join a dinner cruise, or participate in the parade itself, the Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade is a cherished tradition that brings joy and holiday cheer to the vibrant coastal community.


SEa ray 320 sundancer
3 hour Minimum

  • Comes with captain or you can be your own captain

  • Max 12 passengers with captain 

sundeck 3.jpg

sea ray 290 sundeck
3 hour Minim

  • Comes with captain

  • Max 12 passengers.

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