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Best boat snacks to take on your Newport Beach Harbor Cruise

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

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When you're planning a Newport Beach harbor cruise, your day out on the ocean wouldn't be complete without something to eat. But what are the best boat snacks to bring if there's no fridge and the kitchen facilities are at a bare minimum?

With cold storage and reheating facilities hard to come by, it can be tricky to decide what to take.

Rest assured your next Newport Beach harbor cruise excursion will be filled with food that's easy to prepare and delicious. And doesn't food just taste better when you are enjoying yourself?

With all that fun you're having, you'll be working up an appetite! And if you are planning to have a party when you've set sail, you'll be ravenous after grooving to some tunes. You'll need to curb those cravings for some delicious snacks or a top-notch sunset cruise dinner.

Whether you are a meat lover, vegan, or pescatarian, there is something to satisfy you. Here is our list of the 9 best finger foods you can take, so your menu is amazing for your cruise hitting the high tide.

And remember, when you're on a Newport Beach harbor cruise, you have a moral obligation to have the best time possible. That's boating honor.

What you need to consider before creating your best Newport Beach harbor cruise snacks menu

When you are planning your menu, take into consideration:


*The availability of the cooking equipment

*How long a certain kind of food will last, and others

Captain America Boat Rentals provides cooking facilities for both their boats. They have barbecues for their vessels. One is electric but only works when you're connected to power. So, you need to get your grilling done while you're docked!

The other is a gas grill, which can be taken on your Newport Beach harbor cruise.

We also have a selection of cutlery and plates, but we suggest you bring your own to make sure you have enough for everyone.

Fantastic foods that work well on Newport Beach harbor cruise

If you want some great base ingredients – consider the following:



*Cheese (for a platter)

*Raw veggies

*Cold meats



*Grain salads

*Sandwiches and wraps

You can do almost anything with these ingredients.

If you want to get fancy, then cook your meals at home, store them in the fridge and then prepare them to be eaten on the Newport Beach harbor cruise.

The best boat recipes can be served up with no extra garnishes or sauces and no prep space needed.

Best Newport Beach harbor cruise snack ideas for a party


It may come as a surprise, but popcorn is a healthy snack. (as long as it isn't covered in caramel!) It's got great nutritional fibers that can help to boost your metabolism. So, more energy for having fun!

It also has an antioxidant called polyphenol that's been linked to vascular inflammation and lowers blood pressure. It can also improve blood circulation and other cardiovascular problems.

*Frozen grapes

These pack a sugar punch and also help to hydrate you on a hot day. If you pre-freeze them the night before, they can also work as a freezer bag for other produce. And even if they defrost, they'll still be tasty.

*Pasta salad

This classic summer staple can be made even more delicious with added veggies and toppings. If you use an oil-based dressing, it will keep much longer than one with mayonnaise in it.

*Veggie skewers

These are great to have with a dip and can be kept tidy and in place on skewers. Tomatoes, peppers, and cauliflower all work well.

*Hot dogs Are Best For Newport Beach harbor cruise

Did you know it's really easy to cook hot dogs in a thermos flask? All you need to do is fill it with boiling water before you set sail. Then when you're ready to cook, you put them inside. This works best for smaller groups. But if there are more of you, try using a cooler box, so you have more room.

Tip: Hot dogs, of course, taste so much better with ketchup and mustard. To reduce mess, save some small condiment packets from restaurants. It will also reduce the amount of space used in your packing.

*Walking tacos

Kids love these, but they can get messy! Before you head out for your cruise, cut up lots of veggies and all the other taco toppings and ingredients you like.

Also, bring some bags of taco chips. When everyone is ready to get stuck in, just cut the side of the bag open, and you can use it as a giant taco holder. Just mix your toppings in with the chips.

*Mix and match trail mix

Trail mix is really easy to make as well as being perfect to munch on. Nuts, dried fruits, and candies all go well together. Make your own, or you can buy small bag portions from most supermarkets.

*Sandwich wraps

Wraps are great boat food because they can be self-contained and not as messy as sandwiches. Make them the night before your trip and store them in a cooler. You can make a lot of different flavors really quickly, and they're easy to eat.

*Homemade Muffins

Everyone needs a sweet treat as well as some savory goodness for their trip.

Mini muffins can be pre-prepared and individually wrapped for each boater. Of course, you can always buy them, but you can choose your flavor if you make your own.

Remember, if you're making chocolate muffins, keep an eye on the weather as you don't want the chocolate chips melting everywhere!

Taking booze on your cruise

Boats are, of course, the perfect place to indulge in a cocktail or two. Sunset Margherita's anyone?

The majority of OC boat rentals allow alcohol on board. Captain America Boat Rentals allows all alcohol types, but we warn against bringing too many glass bottles on deck.

Plastic glassware is advised, and while we are happy you to bring bottles of red wine, just remember it's hard to clean off a bright white boat!

What if you don't want to bring your own boat snacks?

Captain America Boat Rentals has some great deals set up with local restaurants in Newport Beach, so you can pre-order your feast and have it waiting for you when you board.

Fancy something spicy? SOL Mexican Cocina does platters and takes out for our cruises. And that's just one of many we have partnerships with. Click here to get more information.

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