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Best Time To Take A Boat To Catalina Island

Updated: Sep 22

Lets face it, Catalina Island is amazing year around and you will never be disappointed with it's beauty. Below are times in the year that are Boating local favorites and events that only locals know.

Boat to Catalina

Catalina Island is best to visit in Spring, Summer, and Fall, where as the Winter can be cold and choppy when traveling by boat or ferry. The Island is very popular with hikers, divers, fishers, romantic getaways and even the partiers. Most people travel by ferry but some like to do it in style either by boat rental or by a helicopter ride. It is about 22 miles away from the mainland which makes it a quick and easy ride, usually around a hour each way.

There are numerous events that happen on the Island with very little advertising making the events very low key and popular by locals from the mainland. Here is a list of the most popular Catalina Island events throughout the year:

Fishing is best around Catalina Island during Spring and Summer.


Catalina Island Conservancy Marathon: Book a hotel quick because thousands of runners attend this historic run each year.


Catalina Spring Art Fair & Craft Festival: During Easter weekend is a 3 day art festival with local and mainland artists.


Catalina Island Chili Cook-Off: Who doesn't like chili.


Annual restaurant week: Good time to get the local flavor at a discount.

Catalina Island Marathon: Includes 10K, 5K, and kids run. Its one of the oldest runs in California.


Annual 4th of July Dinner & Fireworks: Located at Descano Beach Club you get viewings of fireworks, a BBQ buffet dinner and a show from the USC marching band.


Descanso Beach Club Beach Party: All summer long Saturdays & Sunday from 1-5 pm.


Catalina Wine Mixer: SoCal's most popular and extraordinary wine and music events.


Catalina Island JazzTrax Festival: Two weekends of over 30 jazz artists at Descano Beach Club.

Buccaneers Days: The most unforgettable 3 day pirate themed party anybody will attend.


Catalina Island Triathlon & Duathlon: - Swim, bike and run race.


New Year’s Eve Celebration: At the Casino Ballroom.

For exact dates check out the events calendar below:

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