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Best Water Toys To Take With You On A Long Beach Yacht Rental Trip

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Long Beach Yacht Rental

The sun shining down, the wind in your hair, the sheer enjoyment of cruising the ocean – these are all great reasons to hire a Long Beach yacht rental.

But are you looking for some new ways to enjoy the water when you’re out on your boat? And how do you choose the best water toys to take when you go out on the ocean.?

While water-skis and floating water-mats can give you hours of amusement, they are often bulky and difficult to fit into a smaller vessel.

And wakeboards can seem boring and so last year, when you look at everything else that’s now on offer in 2023.

Inflatable water toys are a fun diversion from the usual offerings you can splash around on.

From towables to floatables, game sets and watersports equipment, there’s so much choice when it comes to inflatable water toys.

The best bit? You can inflate and deflate as you like. However, when you’re choosing what you want so you can make sure you get the best water toys, you’ll need to consider the following.

What to look for when you are purchasing the best water toys

Here’s what you need to look for, including fabric, how it needs to be inflated, and the seam construction.


Back in days gone by, you only had your lungs to rely on when you were blowing up your water toys. However, now you don’t have to burst a blood vessel! You can get a hand pump, foot pump, or a built-in pump.


The materials most frequently used to make inflatable water toys are plastic, vinyl, or rubber.

You should always check the material used is suited to the toy you are purchasing. For example a towable tube needs to be very durable. Vinyl works really well.

Meanwhile, a floating unicorn (yes, they do exist) is much better in plastic as it won’t get towed behind a boat.

Look out for dual air chambers. These are separate “channels” that inflate and deflate independently of each other. Many sturdy towables have this feature. And you can often see it on lounge-pads.

This also works as a safety precaution. So if there’s an air leak, it won’t collapse on the rider or the person lounging on it.

*Double Laminated Seams

Double laminated seams give another extra layer of protection to prevent rips and tears.

Imagine if you were being towed along in the water at breakneck speed, and it split? This can help prevent those dangerous tears from happening.

Safety Precautions To Remember When Using Inflatable Water Toys

A water toy is not a life jacket. You still need to wear one if you are being towed. Make sure you are vigilant of other boats around you when using your water toy.

To make sure your water toy is kept in the best condition possible, thoroughly dry them and wash them down with water.

If you have had your inflatables stashed away for the winter, it could be there are mold and mildew on them.

To make sure they are clean, you can use this formula in a 16-ounce spray bottle

*Filled it with ½ cup white vinegar and ½ cup water

*Spritz the inflatables, then rinse with a hose

Bleach can also be used to effectively removes germs, mold, and mildew from your inflatables.

Add one tablespoon and one gallon of water, then brush the mixture on the toy or float. Leave it to sit for a few minutes. Then wipe it down and dry it thoroughly.

You can also use a 1/4 cup baking soda with 1-quart water. This will rinse off any slimy film as well as remove strong odors.

If you find a crack or a leak, throw your toy away. Don’t keep it as you run the risk of it becoming dangerous.

How to be safe if you are towing someone on a water toy

If you are the person driving the boat, you have to be extra vigilant if you are towing someone on a water toy, like a tube, for example.

Here’s a quick guide of what to remember:

*Keep clear

Make sure you are three towrope lengths away from the shore, docks, navigation aids, and moored boats. Also, be mindful of shallow water and obstructions. Wipeouts can be more than painful; they can be deadly.

*Throttle back

You shouldn’t go any faster than 20 mph, maximum. When you hit the water, the impact can cause you to break a limb or another horrific injury. You, as the skipper of your Long Beach yacht rental, are responsible for their wellbeing.

*Tow low

Make sure your tube is secured low on the vessel. When a tube nosedives, it can stop your boat or even pull it over on its side.

*Keep a lookout

You should always be watching what your tuber is doing. They can be having so much fun they become complacent. When they seem to have a great time, they relax and become less vigilant.

This is the exact time when something can happen. You need to be aware at all times of their safety.

Get someone else to be on watch with you. Then you won’t miss that other boat appearing out of nowhere or your tuber falling off into the waves.

*If you’re picking up, shut down You don’t need to leave your engine running when you are picking up a tuber. Even if you are just pulling them back on board, the engine should be off. By stopping the engine, you are reducing the risk of injury from the exhaust or propellers.

Your boat might also lurch if it’s left turned on. And if your Long Beach yacht renta has a generator, turn that off as well.

The majority of Long Beach yacht rentals are happy for you to bring inflatable toys with you when you go on a cruise.

It’s always wise to check first before you turn up for your trip. Your Long Beach yacht rental may not allow you to use them while on the vessel.

At Captain America Boat Rentals, we are more than happy for you to bring your water toys. You can get more information on the cruises we offer by clicking here.

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