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Can you rent a boat in Long beach during coronavirus? Here’s all your questions answered

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

rent a boat in Long Beach

Hiring a boat is a great activity that enables you to get out into the fresh air, experience nature, and have some fun. But can you rent a boat in Long Beach during coronavirus?

It’s a big concern and adds a whole new dynamic to enjoying your trip out on the ocean.

The short answer is yes! You can rent a boat and be COVID safe. The long answer is more complex, and there are a lot of things you need to consider.

About 95% of Americans living within an hour’s drive of

of navigable waters; so hiring a boat for a day out is something so many people can do.

Here’s our definitive guide on how you can enjoy your great escape without feeling worried or concerned about your safety.

What to look out for when you rent a boat in Long Beach during coronavirus

If you are thinking about hitting the ocean waves right now, you aren’t alone.

Data from the National Marine Manufacturers Association shows total new boat sales were up in 2020 – the highest jump since 2007.

And for Captain America Boat Rentals, we saw a surge in customers seeking to sample the luxury yacht experience.

The good news is there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to people through water. And the CDC is also not aware of any scientific reports of the virus being spread by swallowing water.

There is also no data currently on anyone contracting coronavirus if they come into contact with water contaminated by feces from an infected person. Which isn’t a pleasant thought!

So, what are the main things you need to consider?

Can you social distance when you rent a boat in Long Beach?

The primary directive is you need to limit the number of people aboard the people you share your home with. And no guests unless they are in what is considered to be your bubble.

You also can’t pull up close to another boat, as that could put you close to others. When you are loading up your boat on the dock, you must maintain a safe distance from others.

Always be mindful that if you do anything that requires touching an item someone else may have touched, for example, a marina gate lock, make sure you disinfect by washing your hands or using a hand sanitizer as soon as possible.

Be mindful that some people can be asymptomatic when they have COVID -19. This means they don’t even show any signs they have it. But they are still very contagious.

People can also show no symptoms when they are in the pre-symptomatic phase, but they are still incredibly contagious and won’t necessarily feel sick.

In both of these scenarios, the person may quickly spread the virus to others.

If you’re planning to during coronavirus with people outside your household, who are in your support bubble, you should wear a face mask while you’re together.

Also, ensure that the number of people when you rent a boat in Long Beach doesn’t exceed the space needed to maintain social distance from one another safely.

Always wear a face mask and distance yourself when entering or exiting marinas and docks, dockside restaurants, and boat ramps.

And bring your sanitizer and gloves with you for your trip.

How Captain America Boat Rentals keeps your yacht sanitized, so you stay safe

When you rent a boat in Long Beach, we follow a strict set of guidelines to make sure you have the most fun in the safest way.

You have to wear a mask while you are booking onto your boat trip or getting ready to leave the dock. Once you are sailing, you are permitted to take your mask off. (No masks are provided onboard – so no mask, no cruise!)

If you have hired a driver for your trip, they have to keep their mask on for the duration of your voyage. All our yachts are sanitized, and surfaces wiped down between charters with disinfectant and bleach.

Our boats are deep cleaned once a week; this includes removing all seats, as well as spraying every nook and cranny inside and out. We say to you it’s so clean you can eat your breakfast off any surface on the boat!

We are also adhering to current guidelines on numbers allowed on our boats.

We provide two lots of hand sanitizer on board for you to use – which are located for easy use. We don’t provide gloves on board, so bring your own if you want some for your trip.

For more information on the different trips we offer on our two cruisers, you can click on this link to our book with Captain America Boat Rentals now.

General safety and what to do when you rent a boat during coronavirus

It goes without saying that you also need to consider your general safety when onboard a boat you are renting, whether for a day trip, a sunset cruise, or a few days.

Check there is a lifejacket available for everyone, and you have enough sunscreen to stop sunburn.

You can also check out safety guidelines online. The U.S. Coast Guard’s Boating Safety website has some great up to date information.

The bottom line when you rent a boat in Long Beach during coronavirus

The wonderful thing about rent a boat in Long Beach is that you can enjoy a great experience bonding with family, spending quality time with a loved one, or just enjoying the solitude.

In areas where short-distance travel hasn’t been eliminated, you can still do all of these things safely. Check on the regulations affecting your locality. And be careful to maintain social distancing practices.

Then when you leave the dock and feel the wind in your hair, you can rest assured you and those on your cruise are safe.

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