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What To Know For A Newport Beach Burial At Sea

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Newport Beach Burial At Sea

Burial at sea is a unique and meaningful way to honor a loved one who had a deep connection to the ocean. Newport Beach, located along the picturesque coast of Southern California, offers a beautiful setting for this solemn and peaceful ceremony. Let's delve into the process and significance of burial at sea in Newport Beach.

Newport Beach, with its stunning harbor and expansive coastline, has long been associated with sea-bound activities. Its close proximity to the Pacific Ocean makes it an ideal location to bid farewell to a loved one in an intimate and ocean-centered manner. The tranquil and natural beauty of the surroundings helps create a serene atmosphere, giving mourners an opportunity to find solace and closure.


When planning a burial at sea in Newport Beach, there are a few essential considerations to keep in mind. First and foremost, it is crucial to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and obtain the necessary permissions and permits. In Newport Beach, the Orange County Harbor Patrol oversees the process and regulations surrounding a burial at sea. It is recommended to reach out to them directly to familiarize yourself with the guidelines and obtain the necessary permissions. Want to get a permit your self?

  • Make sure to bring (1) an original death certificate or (2) an original transit permit from the state of death to the nearest California County office of Vital Records.

  • You need to obtain a VS-9 Burial Permit stating "at sea off the coast of [insert county of disposition here] County."

  • The cost of the permit is $12.00.


One of the significant advantages of choosing Newport Beach for a burial at sea is the availability of professional services that specialize in this type of ceremony. Captain America Boat Rentals in the Newport Beach area provides assistance with all aspects of the process, from acquiring permits to providing the necessary equipment. These professionals can also offer guidance and expertise to help make the experience as smooth and meaningful as possible.


Planning a personalized and heartfelt ceremony is essential to ensure the remembrance of your loved one is fitting and comforting. You may want to consider including elements that bring forth the essence of the ocean and the connection your loved one had with it. This could involve decorating the vessel with floral arrangements, using ocean-themed funeral programs, or even releasing biodegradable flower petals or eco-friendly lanterns into the sea.

Informing Family and friends

For family and friends attending the ceremony, it is crucial to provide them with the necessary information regarding the proceedings and any unique aspects they need to be aware of. This helps everyone prepare emotionally and understand the significance of the burial at sea ceremony in Newport Beach.


The act of burial at sea has deep symbolism, representing a final journey that connects the deceased with the eternal vastness of the ocean. It offers a unique opportunity to pay tribute to someone who found solace, joy, and inspiration in the ocean's beauty and power. It is a way to honor their memory and bid them a final farewell surrounded by the magnificence of nature.

Newport Beach's serene waters and stunning coastline provide an idyllic backdrop for a burial at sea, ensuring a memorable and meaningful experience for both the departed and their loved ones. It is a way to give a poignant goodbye to someone who had a deep connection to the sea and celebrate their life in a manner that reflects their passion and love for the ocean.

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